The White Swan

Imagine a beautifully crafted vessel gliding effortlessly through the water like a white swan  – graceful, quiet and pristine, seemingly oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the waters around it but nevertheless acutely aware of its surroundings. This is the inspiration behind the Hydrolift Smart City Ferry.


– Bård Eker, Founder & Chairman

Our Value Proposition

We will use the underutilized waterways to transport people and goods. By using existing waterways, the infrastructure is resilient with very limited need for maintenance.  Increased urbanization require more effective mobility systems. By using the rivers and oceans, we free up valuable land for other needs, while leaving zero noise and emissions for a sustainable, growing city.

While economies of scale have given us bigger ships and brought down the cost of ocean freight, it does not provide the same good deal when transporting people in our cities. When vessels grow too big they loose the needed flexibility for navigating the waters around a city. The perfect super-sized vessel for rush hour becomes a money drain the rest of the day. The result is less sub-standard service in bulky ships.

We design our White Swan to be quiet, emission free, flexible and agile. We want to save you time for those short trips on the water, saving you long detours or spending time on congested roads. We build it to be cost-efficient, low maintenance and easy to operate. We want to save the city money by reducing running expenses and energy use. Technology helps the crew operate more vessels and provide better service. Building it smaller reduces cost, and cities can adjust capacity to fit the need during the day. Reducing variable costs makes it easier to extend service-hours, changing travel habits and improve customer satisfaction.


Our smart city ferry is modular, so it can adapt to any city in the world.


The ferries are all-electric and with  zero emission and no noise.


Ready to integrate in smart city solutions, making travel more flexible and hassle-free.


Monitoring the surroundings to keep you safe and informed while on the go.


Using data you want to share to help optimize your travel while respecting your privacy.

The White Swan

Hydrolift Smart City Ferries provide a modular ferry-concept. We design it using smart solutions and modern technology. Whether it is your daily commute or a once-in-a-lifetime visit to your favorite city – we want you to enjoy the journey.

Small sized, easy to load and unload, well thought out solutions for those with special needs. By using modularity, it can adapt to the needs of all cities worldwide. Since the ferry is electric, it has zero emissions and no noise. Technology allowing for automation and future-autonomy, free up time for the crew to provide better service.


Autonomous modular ferry system for transportation of people and goods.

Main Data

Length:       13 m
Weight:        9 ton
Beam:           6 m
Speed:          5 – 10 knots
Capacity:     50 pax
Material:       Composite
Propulsion:  Fully electric

  • Modular design
  • Large windows
  • Double drivetrain
  • Electric
  • Small battery
  • Induction charging
  • Frequent charging
  • Autonomous
  • Adaptable to all cities
  • Good view and journey experience
  • Reliable and timely 
  • Silent journey without vibrations
  • Zero emission
  • Fast and easy charging
  • Economic solution


The HSCF business model is adaptable to the changing needs of our customers, ranging from traditional vessel deliveries to taking full responsibility for the city’s ferry operations.


Hydrolift Smart City Ferries have flexible business models. We provide everything from production and operation to a leasing model for the entire mobility service. We are agile and adapt specification to local conditions, regulations and users.


Ferry-as-a-service means that HSCF takes full responsibility for the smooth operation of the ferries.



Production for Scandinavia will be at the Hydrolift factory in Fredrikstad utilizing the plants long boat building experience. 


Construction may be handled through licensed production by third parties.


Cities experience increasing urbanisation, traffic congiestion and pollution. Many of them have underutilized waterways.
Using rivers and oceans for transportation with zero emission vehicles is their solution.

Cities and residents

Fourteen out of fifteen congiested megacities have underutilized waterways. The situation is similar also for smaller towns. Using a natural source of water may solve traffic problems both for the public and the administration.


Mobility operators

For mobility operators, Hydrolift Smart City Ferries offer solutions to compliment existing infrastructures. 


We will offer solutions for local manufactureres outside Scandinavia. The production should be close to the end users, adapting to local needs.


Our smart city ferry is modular, so it can adapt to any city in the world.

Zero Emission

The ferries are all-electric with zero emission and no noise.


Ready to integrate in smart citiy solutions, making your travel more flexible and hassle-free.