Ketil Solvik Olsen

Ketil’s background spans 15 years in politics and a long history within the field of transportation. He started his career working in the maritime field at Leif Höegh & Co ASA. He has since been involved in aviation, drone, mass transit and automotive companies. He is also involved in Mobility Lab and serves on the board of start-up tech/mobility companies, focusing on using new tech to improve service and value for both companies and society.

In politics he served as Norway’s Minister of Transportation for 5 years. Improving digital and physical infrastructure was main focus, with especial attention on the role of technology in providing better and cleaner transportation-services. He also served 8 years as member of the Norwegian Parliament dealing with energy, environment and finance. His varied background of both business and politics is valuable for developing Hydrolift Smart City Ferries – providing useful and sustainable solutions for society

Ketil has an Master’s degree in Economic from the University of Toledo in Ohio, is an avid cyclist and musician, and enjoys quiet days on the water in his cayak.