We are now at the beginning of an exciting journey. As the Chief Engineer of the company, you will be the main responsible of actually delivering a physical Smart City Ferry. You will, as responsible for design, engineering and supply, be the one making this happen in reality!


We are looking for a dynamic and motivating leader to join our newly established company as Chief Engineer. In close cooperation with the COO, you will ensure design, engineering, supply and production of the ferries; to provide the next generation urban mobility.

You need to have a clear understanding of our company’s core values and culture, be an exemplary leader, have superb project management skills, and a comprehensive understanding of the process from design to delivery of a final product.

This position requires high level planning and sourcing, but first and foremost excellent team and project management. You need to be hands on and practical, and manage situations where the road is being made as you go . You have experience from practical operations and management of teams in startup companies or similar, where execution matters more than bright ideas.


  • Transform the companies and the CEO’s vision into deliverables
  • Lead team for design, engineering and sourcing
  • Set and follow up goals and timeline for delivery and make them happen.
  • Lead employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication
  • Evaluate progress and performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics
  • Ensure that Hydrolift Smart City Ferries is positioned for successful launces


  • A unique opportunity to be a part of the green shift in mobility
  • Award winning design team, state of the art managers and experienced board members
  • Innovative, open and friendly company culture with extensive industry experience
  • Competitive salary


For more information, contact Bård Eker, Founder and Chairman of the Board Hydrolift Smart City Ferries: bard@eker.no – +47 906 91 194

Please send us your CV and application at mail@hydroliftsmartcityferries.com


Over the past 35 years Eker Group has created innovative products and companies. Our latest start-up Hydrolift Smart City Ferries, is set to be a leader in green, urban mobility. Hydrolift Smart City Ferries will make integrated, emission-free mobility accessible to a wide range of cities with untapped potential in their waterways.

Our vision is to be more than a ferry.  We will provide an integrated mobility system connected to the Smart City infrastructure. We will start with the ferries as we see the underutilized waterways as biggest inefficiency gap.


Hydrolift Smart City Ferries (HSCF) is owned by Hydrolift, a part of Eker Group. Eker Group is a holding company who consists of Eker Design, EpiGuard, Eker Performance and Hydrolift and more. We work with industrial design, product development and production for Norwegian and foreign industry, and for over 30 years we have worked for leading players in the production of high-tech products. The group today counts over 80 employees and has a young and active work environment with a high pace and short turnaround time from start to delivery .