Designed for Our Passengers, and the Things They Care About.

Congestion steals time and is a major source of local pollution and global emissions. Hydrolift Smart City Ferries aims to change this by moving traffic away from the roads and onto our underutilized waterways. Sleek zero emission ferries built from recyclable materials will offer urban travelers new levels of flexibility, safety and comfort, and give new meaning to sustainable urban transport.

Operational Flexibility. Redefined.

Our movement patterns change through the day. Our ferries change with it. Compact ferries with minimal landing requirements ensure transport capacity can be moved to where it most needed, providing a better service to the public and reducing overcapacity in off-peak hours.

Saving the Environment. Saving money.

Traffic congestion, or the added infrastructure to do something about it, is expensive. Hydrolift Smart City Ferries leverages underutilized waterways to provide an efficient, flexible and sustainable solution to urban congestion at a fraction of the cost of a new road or metro line.

Smart Design for the Smart City.

Its simplistic and uncomplicated exterior hides a vessel that is anything but: Latest generation zero emission propulsion systems, intelligent dock side charging solutions and equipped for varying degrees of autonomous operations and smart city integration, Hydrolift Smart City Ferries is a future-proof platform for the mobility solutions of tomorrow.

Eker Design Hydrolift concept drawing

The company

A dedicated team of managers and boardmembers developing solutions.

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Hydrolift Smart City Ferries Byferga in Fredrikstad

The Smart Ferry

Imagine a beautifully crafted vessel sliding silent and effortlessly through the water.

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Hydrolift Smart City Ferries Dubai Transport

Sustainable Mobility

Using our waterways, a ferry can help ease the travel in busy and congiested cities.


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